The Secret About the Secret: Clarity

Weekly Word #8 ~ June, 2007

I have shared in this space some of my concerns about the popularity of the movie and book, "The Secret." My comments have not been so much about the veracity or value of the concepts in The Secret, but about the defeat and self-judgment people experience when they try to implement the ideas and fail. I would like to wrap up this series with my "secret about clarity."

Here is a typical review of the movie, "The Secret:"

"Imagine having the power to easily manifest whatever your heart desires. Imagine being able to magically attract experiences that bring you joy and fulfillment. Sounds fantastic, but what is more incredible is that you already have this power!

"For most people this power remains a secret. Others may have noticed its influence but not yet figured out how to use it reliably. And those who know the technique often forget to put it into practice. No problem, the solution is here and it's called "The Secret," an amazing new film that elegantly reveals everything you need to know to manifest your dreams."

It is so true that each of us has the power to manifest whatever our hearts desire-- and we do it every moment! We magically manifest what our beliefs desire, and what our programming has conditioned us to think we want, should have, or should do. Everyone uses this power all the time, and if it is a secret it is because it is used without awareness and the clarity to use it well.

Imagine a fireman holding a big fire hose ten feet back from the nozzle. The hose is whipping around, and he has no ability to control where the water goes to do its job. It is the same with people whose minds are filled with what the Toltecs call "The Mitote" -- the sound of 1000 people talking at the market place and nobody listening.

When that fireman moves his grip up to the nozzle, he can direct the water exactly where he wants it, and use it to accomplish his goal. When your mind is not whipping your attention all over the place, you can move close to the nozzle of your intent, and you can indeed create a new dream of love and abundance.

You are dreaming-- you are always creating magic and manifesting with your mind. It doesn't start when you learn The Secret. It is how things work, always. If you want to know what you believe about life, love, money, sex, relationship, food, work, etc, simply look at your life-- it is a manifestation and reflection of those beliefs. YOU created the life you live and the universe you live in. No judgment here, it is just how the laws of the universe work.

So, the secret to The Secret is Clarity. If you want to change your life, you must change the beliefs in your mind. If you want your intent to be strong and manifest your dreams, you must have the clarity of mind to keep your attention on your goals and, of course, the willingness to take the actions required.

At, we specialize in tools for clarity-- in my online apprentice community ("TACO"), at events and on journeys, in my new Everything Toltec Wisdom Book, and through my personal spiritual coaching.

Yours IN love and The New Dream of Heaven on Earth.

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