Wisdom is more than "knowing." It is the acceptance of truth as it exists without any need for us to agree or not. The many pages of the Joydancer Notebook are devoted to the wisdom of the heart, as found on the ancient Toltec path, in the teachings of Allan Hardman, and from the many apprentices and teachers that have joined Allan on this journey. Listen to audio, read articles and Allan's blog, Thoughts for the Day, Weekly Words, and apprentice conversations and dialogs. Perhaps the answers to questions you are asking are right here in the Joydancer Notebook. Take time to explore!



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This new book by Allan Hardman details the healing path from Victim to Warrior, from powerless to empowered, told through the tradition of the Toltecs of Mexico. Read more...



“We are adding pages of writings by other people to the Joydancer Notebook to compliment the message that Allan shares here. If you have something vital and alive from your heart you would like to share, please send it to allan@joydancer.com.