Judgement, Love and True Freedom

Camellia: Last week in the Chat Room we were talking about some things I had written sounding like judgments. It seems like almost anything anybody says can be taken as a judgment, no matter how much love they are radiating. It can depend on the other person's belief system, too.

Camellia: So, how can I really know the difference between when I am communicating with love and when I am communicating with judgement? Is not everything a judgement?

TACOallan: A good question.

TACOallan: Anything can be PERCEIVED as a judgement, but not everything IS a judgement. Maybe this will help: You are judging whenever you are afraid, or whenever you think of yourself as a Victim.

Camellia: So when we are our true self, we don't judge?

TACOallan: When you are in Love, in the acceptance of What IS, both for yourself and others-- you will not judge. Fear is the basis of judgement, and can sometimes be very subtle.

Camellia: So, if I'm not afraid or thinking of myself as a victim, then I am not judging, even if it is perceived that way?

TACOallan: Judging is not about other's perception, it is about you. TACOallan: The reverse of my proposition is: If you are Judging, you must be thinking of yourself as a Victim.

TACOallan: But, the Victim and Fear parts are very subtle. That is why we stalk and dream constantly, to be free. We stalk the fear.

TACOallan: The mind/ Parasite has sooo many tricks to make you think you are free when you are not. It will back off, and let you run around saying "I am free" like a child that thinks she is running free in her back yard, when she is surrounded by a six foot fence. But mom does not seem to be paying any attention, so she must be free.

TACOallan: Actually, at its most subtle, if you are thinking that you are free, you are not free. Because true freedom lives outside of the concepts of the mind.

Camellia: So, how do we truly know when we are free?

TACOallan: The kind of freedom you think about includes the value that the freedom is a good thing, which always has the underbelly of fear that you will not be so free, or somehow loose your freedom, which is the bad thing. Thus the concept of freedom being a good thing, and better than something else, is your prison.

TACOallan: We don't "know" when we are truly free. We are just free, without the concept. At its purest, the freedom is beyond the concept of freedom. It is the experience of the Oneness, which contains no "not-free."

TACOallan: However, back to our daily human reality, you can use your body as an antenna. Are you feeling relaxed when you communicate something, or is there tension, hesitation, fear about the response? Your body knows.


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