The Petty Tyrant

Weekly Word #11 ~ AUGUST, 2007

I have created an audio series called “Toltec Tools for Clarity and Transformation” from a series of free TeleClasses recorded in 2007. They are now available as part of the apprenticeship program in “TACO,” my Toltec Apprentice Community Online.

Like many of the tools discussed in these conversations, the Petty Tyrant is the only one you really need to go all the way to total personal freedom. To find out more, I invite you to join TACO, and learn to use this and many other wonderful tools from the Toltec path to achieve your freedom.

We define the Petty Tyrant as any person, event, or other aspect of your world that stimulates your judgment, pushes your buttons, irritates you, opens your wounds, or otherwise messes with you. To prepare participants in the TeleClass series for our work with “The Petty Tyrant,” I included a section of my book, The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book ~ A Complete Guide to the Ancient Wisdoms:

“The Petty Tyrant serves you by illuminating your judgments of the ‘wrongness’ of behaviors and emotions in yourself and all humans, as well as events, ideas, opinions, wars, and the weather.

“When the Warrior learns to accept the perfection of every aspect of the universe, including and especially herself, all judgment, suffering, and conflict end. The result is peace of mind, wholeness, and a free communion with the spiritual aspect of Life itself. This is the life of the Spiritual Warrior. This is personal freedom.

“If you choose to use identifying your Petty Tyrants as a tool of transformation, wonderful possibilities will be opened to you. The Petty Tyrants of your world will alert you to all the important parts of you that were exiled during your domestication, and offer you the opportunity to embrace them and reclaim them as your own.”

Using the Petty Tyrant in this way is different than what you might have read in books by Carlos Castaneda and others. This is a practical skill you can learn and use to alert yourself to every time you are in resistance to accepting the Divine Perfection of any part to the universe—be it a person, event, institution, or a fantasy in your mind.

I hope you will join me for future TeleClasses, and explore TACO ~ a lively social and spiritual learning and networking community, online since 2002.


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Allan Hardman is an author and expert on personal and spiritual transformation, relationships, emotional healing-- and a Toltec Master in the lineage of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements.™ Allan teaches in Sonoma County, CA, and from “The House of the Eagles,” his winter home in Chacala, Nayarít, Mexico. He guides Journeys of the Spirit to sacred sites in Mexico, and hosts wellness vacations in Chacala. He is the author of The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book, and co-author of two books with Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Dr. Andrew Weil, Prince Charles, and others. Visit Allan’s extensive website at, and TACO, his online spiritual membership community.