The True Meaning of Forgiveness

Weekly Word #10 ~ August, 2007

I just found out that Sunday (August 5) is International Forgiveness Day. If you miss it, you can still catch Global Forgiveness Day, on August 27. If you are not ready to forgive yet, you can always wait until Regular Forgiveness Day, on June 26th.

But what is forgiveness? What better description could we find than in my Everything Toltec Wisdom Book. . .??!!

“In the old dream, there is a ‘forgiveness’ that is actually based on personal importance. It says: ‘You have hurt me, I judge and condemn you, but I am a better person than you, so I will forgive you.’ There are many variations on this theme, but they all reflect the old dream of wrongdoing, judgment, and victimization. It is not actually forgiveness at all.

“When a Toltec Warrior clears an incident with recapitulation, there is no longer any hurt, no perpetrator, and no victim. The entire incident is released. There is no need to forgive, because from the eagle’s perspective, there is no offense to be punished or forgiven. There is no blame. In the Toltec wisdom, this is the true forgiveness, knowing there is nothing to forgive.

“This forgiveness results from a change of the assemblage point away from victim and perpetrator to the eagle’s view of the perfection of the universe. The cleansing power of this truth releases poison from old emotional wounds. When the warrior applies the poultice of self-love to those cleansed wounds, they heal with only the trace of a scar. When someone touches that place, there is no longer a need to protect it, so the warrior can step forward with his arms wide open to embrace the world.”

Perhaps every day can be Personal Forgiveness Day. We can begin with the self-forgiveness that says, “I am always doing my best. I am not bad or wrong. I am the only Me there is, and I am being the perfect Me.” From that place of self-acceptance, we can accept not only ourselves but all of Creation. After all, Creation is doing its best being itself, too.

You are forgiven.

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