Images of Chacala, Nayarít, Mexico

Join Allan in Chacala, Mexico for a week in Paradise, and learn, practice, and experience how to be in conscious relationship with yourself and all of Creation.




Allan’s Valentine’s group sets out on the hike through lush countryside to see the petroglyphs at Altavista.






Alta Vista seems to have been founded as far back
as 300 B.C., and it’s believed that the carvings
represent a 1500 year span of history.

An Aztecan tribe, the Tecoxquines, were the original users of this site. They performed religious ceremonies here, and chipped images into the volcanic rock.
There are many rocks covered with carvings – spirals, mazes, and human-like figures. Archeologists have located more than 2000 carvings in this almost 200-acre site, many of which can be viewed without too much effort.
The trail crosses the creek a couple of times and the carvings, some small and some large, become more prolific. The high vertical walls are covered with ferns, Philodendrons, and other forest plants. All around and above are native palms, bromeliads, and other tropical plants. The greatest concentration of carvings is here.
It is a peaceful, magical place to sit and contemplate,
listen to the water flowing over the rocks,
watch the butterflies, and wander about.

The “Kings Pool”
Barbara is dwarfed by the giant palm fronds

Kevin ponders the secrets of the rocks
Kevin takes a nap on one of the majestic
rocks by the “Kings Pool”